BeauCloR Prime RP – Rubber Holding CR Primer

BeauCloR Prime RP is suitable to provide an effective bond between the metal and the subsequent coatings. It is most often used as a holding primer for buried steel work in industrial and commercial environments especially for the protection of pipelines. Suitable for buried pipelines.
Classification Chlorinated rubber based Primer.
Finish Matt
Color reference Black
Components One
Volume Solids 25±3 %
Weight Solids 55±3%
S. Gravity 1.4±0.1
Flash point 23oC
Shelf Life 12 months
Wet Film Per Coat 65-75 Microns
Dry Film Per Coat (DFT) 10-15 Microns
Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT 10-16 sq. meters per liter corresponds to 10-15 Microns (assumes no material loss)
Touch 2 hours
Handle 24 hours
Recoat 8 hours
Standard Packing Single Component: 3.64L, 16L