BeauProx HBC – High Build Coaltar Epoxy Finish

BeauProx HBC is a two pack polyamide cured coal tar epoxy of high build characteristics. It displays good application and cure properties when applied up to 150 Microns dry film thickness in multiple coats without sag. It is recommended for both new construction and maintenance in moderate to severe atmospheric, marine and chemical exposures. It provides a tough, highly water resistant barrier especially suited to protection of structures immersed in fresh or salt water. BeauProx HBC is recommendied for the protection of sheet and tubular steel pilings, wharf structures, bridge undersides and dams etc. It is equally suited for lining shell & bottom of tanks containing crude oil, underground tanks, pipelines and use in sewerage treatment works.


Classification Polyamide cured epoxy coal tar.
Finish Egg-shell
Color reference Black and Brown
Components Two
Volume Solids 50±3%
Weight Solids 80±4%
S. Gravity 1.5±0.2
Flash point 23oC
Shelf Life 6 months
Wet Film Per Coat (195-210) Microns (With air less spray)
Dry Film Per Coat (DFT) (140-150) Microns (with air less spray)
Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT (6.00) sq. meters (Assumes no material loss)
Touch 4hrs
Handle 24hrs
Recoat 8hrs
Standard Packing Two Pack: A:3.5L, B:1.0L