CR Coatings

Chlorinated Rubber based coating is recommended for the protection of steel structures in chemical plants, fertilizer plants, plating shops, paper mills, and breweries, exterior coatings on chemical storage tanks and for use in the mining industry. These coatings are ideal for use on masonry buildings and cold rooms under conditions of high humidity and condensation. Because of initial slow solvent release chlorinated rubber coatings are more suitable for on-site application, however, if transporting shortly after application, care should be taken to ensure painted surfaces are not in contact.

Key Features:

  • Very flexible
  • Hard wearing coating providing resistance to both alkali and acid environments
  • Can be applied to bare concrete and plaster
  • Used for marking floor and runways
  • Can be used on tanks, boats, bridges, plants and laboratories
  • Can be used in interior and exterior both environments
  • Excellent Durability
BeauCloR HB .
High Build CR Coating


BeauCloR CRF
Chemical Resistant Finish


BeauCloR Prime MP
Metal Holding CR Primer


BeauCloR Prime RP
Rubber Holding CR Primer


BeauCloR Prime CP
Concrete CR Primer


BeauCloR Prime ROC
Red Oxide Chromate CR Primer


BeauCloR Line MW
Road Line Marking CR Paint White
BeauCloR Line MY
Road Line Marking CR Paint Yellow