Stoving Enamel

Stoving Finish is a tough finish based on durable alkyd resins and provides good durability and weathering resistance in general coastal, and mild industrial, environments.
Stoving Finish is recommended for the protection of suitable prepared and primed steel, galvanized iron, timber or masonry providing a finish having good resistance to normal weathering. It is typically specified for automotive, cycle and tractor industry.


Classification Modified Synthetic Alkyd
Finish Gloss
Color reference White,Black, Aluminium (For selected custom colours, please refer to color guide.
Components One
Volume Solids 40±4% (White) varies with the shade
Weight Solids 55±4%
S. Gravity 1.0±.1 (shade dependent)
Viscosity 100-110
Flash point 27oC
Shelf Life 6 months
Wet Film Per Coat N/A
Dry Film Per Coat (DFT) N/A
Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT 9-12 m2/litre (assumes no material loss)
CURING TIME (130oC to 150oC)
Touch 20-30 minutes
Handle N/A
Recoat N/A
Standard Packing Single Component: 3.64L, 0.9L