Alkyd Enamels

The traditional alkyd enamel is an oil-based paint applied with a spray, roller or brush. The paint produces a hard, smooth finish that makes surface imperfections less noticeable and is durable in high-use areas. It is used for various interior or exterior surfaces, such as metals, wallpaper, plaster, wrought iron, brick and aluminium. Suitable for most industrial and decorative applications alkyd enamel is specified for general factory and plant maintenance including tank storage facilities, towers, cranes, gantries and process plants. Also used for the decoration and protection of hospitals, schools and commercial buildings.
BeauCoat SE
Synthetic Enamel


BeauCoat SG
Synthetic Enamel Semi-Gloss


BeauCoat MF
Synthetic Enamel Matt Finish


BeauPrime RO
Red Oxide Alkyd Primer
BeauPrime ZP
Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate Alkyd Primer
BeauPrime RL
Red Lead Alkyd Primer