BeauCloR Prime MP – Metal Holding CR Primer

BeauCloR Prime MP is Zinc Chromate based primer which is suitable for protection of all mild steel surfaces where exposure to mild acidic, alkaline conditions and chemicals is required. It is often used as a general primer for structural steel work in industrial and commercial environments especially for the protection of tankage, pipelines, cranes and bridges. It is the most suitable primer for chemical industries. image-beauclor-prime-mp
Classification Chlorinated rubber based Zinc chromate primer
Finish Matt
Color reference Grey and Green
Components One
Volume Solids 30±4%
Weight Solids 49±4%
S. Gravity 1.18±0.05
Flash point 23oC
Shelf Life 12 months
Wet Film Per Coat 75-90 Microns
Dry Film Per Coat (DFT) 22-27 Microns (Can be applied up to 40 um with spray application.)
Practical Coverage at Recommended DFT 11-13.5 m2/liter (22-27 Micron)   & 6-8.0m2/liter (40 Micron) – Assumes no material loss
Touch 2 hours
Handle 24 hours
Recoat 8 hours
Standard Packing Single Component: 3.64L, 16L